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Holidays are not just about “going to places”… and a trip to the beach doesn’t have to mean lying on a towel all day.

Holidays are for resting, but also to discover and have fun. Whether travelling with your family, or with friends, we can help to deliver memorable holiday experiences.

Tingle your taste buds with delectable flavors by hiring a chef, to cook authentic dishes; discover a different culture; explore an underwater world; or combine as many experiences as you like.

Together with our partners we collected a wide range of exciting activities:
From extreme thrills and high-octane action, to something tranquil, like a guided tour to our cities’ history, whether if you are looking to try a new water sport or have tons of experience, we have trained experts onsite to accompany you, at all levels.

Pick one of our experiences and our partners will craft them for you, with incomparable attention as from your desires and passions.

If your need is not listed below, please contact us and we can make your wish come true:


Common bottlenose dolphins are probably the best-known species of dolphins. They are distinguished from other species for their darker color and for being large, adults range from 1,9m to 3,8m. The resident population of “roazes” on the Sado and the adjacent marine coast, in Tróia and Arrábida, is a singular case in Portugal and a rare one in the world, that’s why it as so much protection and all studies aim to their well-being and conservation.

It is not yet clear for how long the “roazes” have been living in Sado. It is likely that they have been living here for a long time… The oldest record of the sight of two dolphins in the Sado, dates from 1863. Despite the bottle nose dolphins are classified as “non-endangered” species, they are fragile, because it’s low number of individuals, consanguinity problems and other factors like slow reproduction.

Jump aboard a catamaran sailboat and discover the community of dolphins along the magnificent landscapes of the Sado estuary; Arrabida and Tróia coast. Get to know the resident community, the way they live and the problems that affect them.

Tours are available all year round with departures from Setúbal or Tróia and last for about 3 hours.


Yoga is not only physical exercise, is also breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking.
The practice entails low-impact physical activity, postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. 

Dreaming of going on a yoga retreat?
Ready to learn healthy living and ways to nourish your body, mind, and soul?
Looking for a natural environment, to practice with the sound of the waves breaking on the shores?

Then a Portuguese yoga holiday is simply perfect for you!


Horse riding is the easier way to get acquainted with the stunning natural landscapes while exploring the beautiful Nature Park of Arrábida, the exciting Caparica sands or the almost desert beaches of Comporta.

Hop into the saddle and track through dense pine forests and golden sandy beaches, and admire the panoramic views. Follow horse-riding trails with your guide and savor a light lunch with local wine.

Some companies are even able pick up riders from the villas.


Visit to one of the observatoris in Alentejo, equipped with cutting-edge telescopes for solar and astronomical observations.
Experience a unique visual experience, from observing the planets, the craters on the moon, to the deeper sky with a cosmic journey among the stars.


The beautiful landscape, unparalleled density and quality of championship courses, make golfers return to Portugal year after year, to play incredible courses.
The country has everything you could ask for in a golf holiday; stunning Atlantic beaches, lively cultural attractions and, some truly outstanding golf.

Lisbon is a vibrant hub of activity, with endless things to do is close to any European country, as the airport is in the city. The region is a star, with a host of excellent layouts, for guests to have a golf holiday to remember.
Many of our villas are located in the Lisbon area, in bursting first-class golf resorts, such as Aroeira and  Quinta do Peru.

Further south, the Algarve is the number one hotspot for a golf holiday.
Boasting a host of amazing championship courses, from the cliff tops of Vale do Lobo to the stunning coastal views at Onyria Palmares.

Surrounded by the Atlantic, the breathtaking island beauty of Madeira and the Azores has become a popular choice for those willing to travel further afield.


Due to the wonderful weather, Portugal is also the perfect destination for tennis holidays as there a range of courts to all levels of players.

For future “Nadals” and junior “Serenas”, or for weekend tennis warriors, Portugal offers excellent conditions, courts and coaches, making tennis a “must do”. From seniors to juniors, local club’s players are keen to welcome visitors and train with them.


The surface of the Portuguese coast is stunning but the depths, that offer an amazing biodiversity, are well worth to discover.

The variety of creatures, the beauty of the sea bed and the wrecks of ships, which have crossed the ocean over centuries, are attractions to be explored near the surface or deeper down, in caves and rocky recesses.

Diving programs and excursions are available all over the country’s coast: “baptisms” for beginners, and courses of all levels. For experienced divers, there are organized outings to outstanding habitats and also equipment hire.

On the mainland, close to the Arrábida Natural Park, Sesimbra  is a popular diving destination to discover the flora and fauna; In the “Berlengas Islands”, by Peniche, despite the cold seawaters, is another place much sought after, by divers.
Further south, the Alentejo coast and the entire Algarve coast offer diving locations teeming with diverse and colorful sea life.

The Azores islands provide many facilities, with experts geared towards the activity.
The same is true in Madeira archipelago, where the sea has a pleasant temperature all year round, and the underwater world also teems with a rich life. 

There’s lots to discover, under the Portuguese blue waters.


In Portugal, you can always rely on the waves. With over 600 miles, the Portuguese coast is a gigantic surfing beach.
Tempered by tailwinds and a lot of sun all year round, the perfect  Atlantic waves provide a unique experience for surfing; bodyboarding; windsurfing and kitesurfing.

To take adrenalin levels beyond good, there are several great spots to practice: Guincho; Ericeira; Peniche; Nazaré; Figueira da Foz. For riders of all levels there is also Óbidos; Caparica, all the west coast of Alentejo and Algarve.

There are a  wide range of options that enable you to make the most of the conditions offered by the sea; the rivers and the lakes: As for bodyboarders, there is Praia Grande, Sintra, a benchmark not to be missed, there is also Guincho, the Portuguese Mecca for windsurfing.

Paddle surfing is possible in the open sea or in the calmer waters of sheltered coves and lagoons, as well as water skiing and parasailing.


Through to the end of the 19th century, the Douro was the major means of accessing inland parts of the region and the way of transport products and people from lands rendered effectively distant.

Difficult to navigate, impeded by natural barriers, only a unique and ancient vessel, the rabelo boat, could manage, due to both its robustness and the courage of the men who crewed it, to overcome the adverse conditions encountered over its long course.

Currently, after the building of various dams, the river is navigable, smoothly and calmly, for 210 km, between Oporto and Barca d´Alva.

The cruise up the river provides a wonderful vantage point for this region´s unique landscapes and the opportunity to encounter its traditions, culture and gastronomy. Discover the unique heritage the Douro has to show its visitors.